Holy Carriage or Coffin?

elisabeth eliotYou know that myth about writers not showering and staying in their pj’s while surviving on coffee and cold cereal?

All true.

My family hasn’t had my full attention in days. Laser focus only exists when I’m looking at my Word document. Even if you do catch a glance from me, my thoughts are entangled around words or solid points I want to lay on a page.

Yesterday, Paul came in to check on me. Apparently, my matted hair and unwashed scent had him a little concerned. “How about I take you out to lunch?”

“I just can’t. So much left to write. What was I thinking? This deadline is brutal.” Tears soon followed. (more…)

Comparison – Poison of the Heart

JoanneKraft.com Poison of the HeartThis week I’ve been struggling. You’d think having a book deal would put me over the moon, right? It did at first. It really did. 

Then I began writing and comparing. I told myself, You’re online to gather solid statistics and noteworthy New York Times articles to cite for this book. Research. That’s what you’re doing.

Sure, it began innocently enough. But, in a matter of nanoseconds my eyes were gazing on bedazzled websites and mesmerized by the words of an INCREDIBLE author…or an AMAZINGLY GIFTED blogger, or a ministry leader’s EPIC take on scripture that the Holy Spirit has never eluded to me.

The whispers in my head trailed quickly to my heart and their conversation began, What are you thinking? Women won’t want to read this book you’re writing. What mom wants to be thought of as “mean”? What woman besides YOU needs encouragement all the time?

But, it’s not the mean you think. Loving boundaries! That’s what I’m writing about. Encouragement for women is always needed.

Whatever. Still, there’s no way you’ll be able to convey your message like she does. By the way, that gal over there…her book is better than yours and that other gorgeous gal? Her blog is not only better—women read it. Which means God must love her more.  

Have you girls ever been there? (more…)

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mean mom team joannekraft.comWant to join the Mean Mom Facebook Group? If you haven’t been added yet, here’s your opportunity.

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Join the Mean Mom Team!

mean mom team joannekraft.comIf you saw my post yesterday on Facebook you know I was dancing  in my sweat pants over here. “The Mean Mom’s Guide to Raising Great Kids” has been contracted.

How cool is that? For years, I’ve been thinking of putting together something fun and encouraging for all of us sweet moms who struggle at laying down boundaries with our adorable little angels.

I have talked to LOTS of parents who really could use a little inspiration for those times when it’s tough to be tough.

So, here’s the deal, I have ten weeks to write this book.


Thankfully, I have quite a bit written already- but just knowing  this deadline is fast approaching is a little daunting. Okay, ALOT daunting. There’s no way I can do this without your help. No way.

Why? Because, in my humble mama-opinion, I’d much rather read a book that has LOADS of other mama’s sharing what works and what doesn’t for them. I don’t want to read a book where an author pines on and on about her ivy tower-education, perfect kids and how great she is at parenting.

That’s definitely not me – or my kids.

With that said, precious friends,  I am begging would LOVE your help.

I’m going to begin a private Facebook focus group this weekend. Over the next ten weeks you don’t need to do anything more than answer questions I may have from time to time. I’d love a team of moms willing to be my sounding board when I need confirmation that what I’m writing will resonate with other moms.

And, if you’re willing, I’ll be asking for quotes and even personal stories to include. How much or how little you participate is completely up to you. 

Please share this blog post with your Facebook friends, Tweet it, Pin it, send homing pigeons, smoke signals and help me get the word out. God has blessed all of us with this opportunity and I want to use it for His glory. 

Interested in joining The Mean Mom Team? Then comment below or “Like” my Facebook post here. (If you “Like” my post above I CAN’T always see who you are, so make sure to ALSO “LIKE” me here to be included.)

I’ll add you to the focus group by Sunday evening. I sure hope you come along for this ride!


From the birth of your child onward, you as a parent are a craftsman for God. – Bruce Wilkinson

Is Your Faith an Act?

faith act


There’s quite a bit going on in the Kraft household these days.  Paul just finished his year of law school to satisfy the Tennessee Bar here. And, may I just add the praise report that we were able to do this without acquiring student loan debt? Um, yeah, that’s just huge. Praise God!

I recently submitted my book proposal to a pub house that seems pretty interested. I don’t want to speak ahead of what’s going on but let’s just say it looks really, really good.

In all this work, there’s been a silent or maybe it’s more like a nudge from the inside – I feel it. A pressure to move forward even when I want to quit. This book I have on my heart to write is a book for moms. It’s not the only book on my heart to write and to be completely transparent, it’s a book I believe God wants me to finish before I move on to a women’s Bible study I’m just itching to begin working on.

It would be easy to step over this project. After all, the literary world is telling me it’s a bad idea. “You’ll be labeled a parenting author. You’ll never be able to write anything else.”

Still, when peace eludes me, I know God desires a path that may not look normal to the Christian literary world. Which sometimes surprises me. Shouldn’t they be the ones refusing to listen to the perfect marketing plan, the perfect social media platform? You’d think.

I’d much rather make this life a Holy Spirit thrill ride. I want to walk on water with Jesus. He is my focus, my greatest desire. 

It’s been an interesting journey. But, isn’t that how our God is? I was at a conference in San Francisco years ago when Priscilla Shirer said something I’ll never forget:

“The biggest mistake we make as Christians is expecting the Lord to move the next time the way He did the last time.”

Sometimes we have to act on faith even when the unexpected happens. Even when the world and sometimes the Christian world tell us differently. I have to stop waiting for the perfect literary agent, the perfect publishing house, the perfect behavior from my kids, from my husband, from my family. God allows imperfect opportunities to make perfect imperfect people. All the while, we walk in faith.

Faith means to act. To step off , to step out. Especially when circumstances shout for us to stop. But, to stop means my faith is an act. When I refuse to take a step of faith and wait until God responds in the way I want Him to then He is no longer God. I am.  

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. – Proverbs 3:5

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