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Stop Fearing and Step Out – 30 Days of Fall Devotions


I'm 48 years old. That means my days of daydreaming about what I want to be when I grow up are dimming a tiny bit. Miraculous stories of people who go back to college while living in a rest home … Read More...

Join the Mean Mom Team!

Final Cover The Mean Moms Guider

The Mean Mom’s Guide to Raising Great Kids encourages overly nice “marshmallow” moms to instill a few much-needed boundaries. From sibling rivalry to … [Read More...]

The Best Time of Day to Argue with Your Husband

blog - best time of day to argue

I'm a morning person. This is the time of day that puts me in a good mood. And, if everyone will stay asleep for a few hours while I soak in the silence and drink a cup of coffee my joy is complete. … Read More...

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Teach Thankfulness with A Thanksgiving Tablecloth – 30 Days of Fall Devotions


Any mom worth her weight in diapers knows the first words we teach our child are thank you. I can still see my chubby toddlers taking cookies from the hand of their great-grandma and quickly walking … Read More...

The Mean Mom’s Guide to Raising Great Kids

Final Cover The Mean Moms Guider

Are you a Mean Mom? I’ve been a mean mom and I’ve been a marshmallow mom, and being a sweet, warm, easy-peasy permissive parent is much easier than … [Read More...]