Our Amazing Grace

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Grace Anne. Our baby girl and child number three in the Kraft-kids pecking order. We’re celebrating her fifteenth birthday today. Her name means “grace full of grace” and it fits her perfectly. This sweetie-pie was born on a Saturday in January and at 1:18 Pacific Time she took her rightful place in my heart.

A welcome party gathered in the waiting room down the hall, ready with open arms. My mother was still alive when Gracie was born and held her first, confirming the resemblance I saw in my daughter and I. “I think I’ve seen a ghost.” Mom whispered to me while smiling down at her so none of my in-laws could overhear our conspiracy.

Our very own Amazing Grace. She loves others unconditionally. Her heart is her greatest strength. She has mercy and empathy for people and situations I wish I had. She sees the best in people and wants their joy even before her own.

Her father and I always knew we’d name her Grace; there was no question about it. This tiny bundle of love wrapped around a heart already too big for her 9lbs 5oz.. A living, breathing reminder of His promise. The Lord was making all things new in our lives.

God’s Grace, unmerited favor and tangible proof—beauty from ashes in the shape of fine blonde fuzz, soft pink skin, light blue eyes and the most delicate tapered fingers, elegant even for a newborn. After all, she is royalty…born under the banner of our joyful allegiance to the King of Kings. His immeasurable gift to us.

Gracie, as we like to call her, has an insatiable love of people, children and homemaking. I wait with patient anticipation for LOTS of grandbabies from my daughter. She tells me often, “I want four children. But, two of those four I’m going to adopt.” For now, I find joy in watching her eagerly serve in children’s ministry every Sunday and almost run down the street with excitement to her next babysitting job.

Grace, we are overwhelmingly grateful to call you our child. We wish you a hundred more birthdays filled with more family and friends than you can count. You are a treasure a thousand beautiful words cannot convey. May God bless your 15th year abundantly. On this anniversary of your first breath, my precious girl, know that you are loved. 

Many daughters have done nobly, But you excel them all. Proverbs 31:29


  1. Katie says

    Good morning, Joanne….I was able to steal away a few moments this morning before I start my busy day. This is a beautiful tribute to your darling daughter! How precious she is. I have seen that sparkle, that zest, that joy and you are indeed blessed. She is her own woman, she knows what she wants, and the world will give it to her because…well, because she’s Grace! Her smile is infectious and she can make anyone smile with it! Her heart is as big as God will allow it to be – and He fills every corner of it. It’s been a joy to work with her and to see her in action. Sorry that this is a belated Happy Birthday wish to your sweet Gracie! Please send her my love!

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