God Needs ONE of You!

[pinterest]God needs one of you - JoanneKraft.comAlso I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8

It’s not that I know any more than anyone else. As a matter of fact, I’m positive I know quite a bit less. Still, God thought it okay, in this short time of writing and speaking, to open doors I didn’t deserve on my best day and bring me alongside quite a few people with some incredible ministry assignments.

I’ve been rubbing elbows with authors and ministry leaders I used to only read about and I’ve learned a little something I think might encourage you:

They don’t know much more either.

Sure, they may work a little harder at their goals and dreams, but there is no magic key that opens God-ordained opportunities for the wannabee author, missionary, or foster parent. Would you like to know what so many of these instruments of God’s earthly plan have in common? Are you ready?

They make themselves available.

In the scriptures we see in Isaiah 6:8. It’s no accident Isaiah hears the voice of the Lord. He is actively listening for Him. He has made a point to know God’s still small voice. Isaiah desires to do His will and knows that nothing else compares to the adventure and the satisfaction of partnering with and being poured out for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He overhears the Lord say, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

Isaiah who once thought himself undone and of ill repute, now has hope of a pardonable magnitude—being used by God. I can only imagine how joy and fear collide when he answers, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.”

How many of us feel the same way, excited to begin in obedience but unfit for the task? We desire to step out boldly with the purpose God has planned for us and almost simultaneously thoughts in our head begin their assault.

You just aren’t good enough.

There are so many more qualified than you.

That wasn’t God speaking, it was YOU.

How prideful, you think you can do this, really?

You will fall flat on your face.

You’re a hypocrite. Others know the real you.

It’s not that we shouldn’t heed wrong motives; it’s just that we’re using these lies as excuses for a life unfulfilled. Here’s a tip: whispers that breed insecurity are not from God.

Like Isaiah, are you listening for His voice? Most importantly, are you available? Are you willing to silence the naysayers and continue to move forward? Are you available for the next task? Start training your spiritual ears to hear Him. Step out in obedient faith and do that next thing.

Do you have time to invite that new family down the street for dinner?

Is there a Bible study you could lead in your church or neighborhood? Or, maybe just offer your home for the weekly meetings?

What about walking your kid’s schools and praying for the teachers and the students?

Maybe you could drop off some blankets and toiletries at your local homeless shelter?

What about that single mom who could use a carpool partner?

How about calling that elderly widow you know is alone this winter?

Or, maybe you could send over a pizza and a note of encouragement to that couple going through a divorce, or the family hurting and struggling with drug addiction, or the guy at work you know is hooked on pornography, or your cousin suffering from broken relationships, or the friend who confided in you about his homosexuality, or your stepmother overwhelmed by alcoholism or the family rocked by adultery…..

The opportunities are endless.

Can you offer  a daily tithe of your time and talents to the One who’s given you all of yours?

It’s true, the Lord can qualify anyone for His kingdom work. God doesn’t command Isaiah, He gives Isaiah the freedom to choose.

Yes, there are some very gifted people out there. I happen to attend a church in Tennessee with the likes of Alison Krauss and Jeremy Camp and even the Judds. (To name just a few.) Um, yeah, there’s LOTS of gifted people out there, but, to be soulfully honest? The most tender corporate worship I’ve experienced was gathered around our family room with dear friends, one guitar and an obnoxious tambourine.

God can and will use what He needs to accomplish His sovereign plan. We’re being arrogant if we believe He needs us to fulfill it. He doesn’t. He breathes His plan over all creation and uses those who raise their hand and join the ranks.

Are you available?

The Lord created all His Kingdom-kids with gifts. You included. Jesus is a gentleman, He won’t force you to do a thing, but He gifted us all to do some- thing.

Isaiah hears God ask who will go for us? He doesn’t need another Max Lucado or even another Beth Moore. Nope. God doesn’t need two more of them…God needs one of YOU.

Feeling inadequate, unskilled and unfit for the task at hand?  Then you just might be the very one who fits His holy job description perfectly. Are you wrestling with fictitious thoughts silently shouting you’re uneducated, and ill-equipped? Even better.

It’s only then, at the end of yourself, you’ll be able to do all things through Christ in His strength and boldly proclaim, “Here I am, send me!”.


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    Sweet friend, don’t even think of letting WP set your value as a writer. You were bought with a price. He says your value is unmatchable. LOVE YOU!

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